January 1st

January 2, 2023
A new year is here as are new opportunities to make it the best.  I have been saying I'm going to do things and have always found an excuse not to so this year, I am going to strive to be better than I have been.  I know I can do so much better and I plan to. That is this year's vision.

January 17th - Been 7 years

January 17, 2018
Welcome curious souls.  The BBP has grown in size tremendously from it's inception 7 years ago.  Many more countries have been visited and many locations explored.  There are numerous pictures from my time in Europe and I loved my time there.  It is certainly somewhere I want to return.  Hope you enjoy the additions of all my castle pics, castle ruin pics, numerous country pics and towns as well.  Stay tuned as I start adding local places I've been visiting.
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Friday the 13th

January 13, 2012
If you can dream it, then you can do it.  These words when spoken many years ago, fashioned a new way for people to enjoy themselves and have fun.  I'm not saying that's what I'm trying to do with this site but it is a goal to set.  Whatever you decide you want to do and when you decide to stand up and try, that's when you know what you can accomplish.
That's what I am doing today.  I am standing up and trying.
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January 6th, 2011

January 5, 2011
Today is a day in which I woke up and brought myself to work for a 12 hour shift.  The exciting part of today is that I finally got The BBP online and in action.  I know.  It may sound a bit pretentious but it's not.  This whole thing started about 15 years ago, back in the Ops Office at HSL-41, in beautiful San Diego,with my good friend Eric Brann.  As this is just an intro to this site, I will be placing my ideas, thoughts and goals on here for others to share with me.  Hope you all have a ...
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Moving beyond now

Welcome Foolish Mortals!!! Those 3 words always brought out a pleasant chill to me. Here on this website, I am trying to keep a record of my journeys as well as my likes and also thoughts and opinions. I don't get to just post about places or visit them all the time but I have been to many places and put my effort into all of these. Hope you'll enjoy following my footsteps.