Greetings foolish mortals.  Happy Friday and Happy September 8th.  While we're safe on the west coast of the US, my friends and family are preparing to deal with Hurricane Irma.  Sending positive vibes and thoughts over there and hope comes out well and unharmed.

So onto September 8th.  Today, as it has been mentioned every year since I started this site, I've recognized this date as a turning point in my life.  It all started this day, 31 years ago where a skinny, naive kid entered the world by joining the United States Navy.  31 years ago life really began and what a ride it's been.  There's some wonderful, amazing times and some not so good ones however, we are where we are today because of taking the oath to protect and serve and it all began today, September 8th. I'm not sure where I'd be today had I not joined the Navy because it did make me grow up and helped me deal with success and failure.  It shaped me into many different ways and it brought very special people into my life. 

So today, September 8th, I raise a Guinness to you and salute you. 

Until next time...

BBP out

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