Hello there and welcome September.  It's been crazy here as we've finally have gotten rid of summer, I hope.  Sure has been a hot one but looking forward to some cooler weather.

So what do I mean the new beginning?  Well, today, 5 years ago, almost to the time, my life changed in a way I thought would be too tough to recover.  It almost was as many things changed drastically.  However, today, 5 years ago, I was walked out the door from my job at Florida Bank, who coincidentally, doesn't exist anymore.  Kind of an ironic turnaround and hopefully the company that took my IT Departments jobs, were let go as well from the new owner of the bank.  I disliked them very much and from the get go.  The owner was manipulative and took advantage of someone who had no sense of technology, even though he was the CIO.  How lame that he was even in that position.  But oh well.  My life has changed a lot since that day.  Some for so much better and some for worse.  It did draw an end to a few things too but mostly, was able to recover from that disaster and save a few other precious things.  So I'm happy where I am now and looking forward.

Until next time...

Bill out