Today, September 2nd, is a day which changed my life, in the best way possible.  However, at the time I did not know this.  I had been working for Florida Bank for almost 3 years and in the previous year, had been the IT Manager and also the Systems Administrator and doing a very good job of it.  However, I had a boss who was short sighted, clueless when it came to technology and who really had no business being the CIO in the first place.  As what happens more times than not, he thought he had a sense to how an IT Department should be run and decided to outsource to a company that was milking him dry and telling him he needed to do this and that and of course he llistened cuz HE was making these decisions.  Yeah right.  The owner of the company was dragging him along by the nose and telling him anything and everything because he had no knowledge of what he was talking about and was able to make a shitload of money off him and is still doing so.  I know he was in his ear telling him to get rid of me and my guy because he could do it better and cheaper.  I very much know that to be full of shit.  What my guy and I were getting paid was shit.  I mean secretaries were getting paid more than I was and tellers were making more than my guy.  And to say they could do it better was bullshit because I had the relationship with the people in the bank and the knowledge and experience as to how it all worked on a daly basis.  So I got walked out the door like a common person who had been fired.  Not even a thanks for all you've done, a sorry that it has to be this way or any kind of gratitude.  I was pissed and bitter and I still am but only now how it was handled.  I have moved on to bigger and better things and am seeing the bank suffer makes me feel a little bit vindicated.  I hate to see my friends and the ones who actually work be affected by this but I really hope all the over paid execs and other worthless people there will get theirs in the end. 
So while this seems like a hate filled venom blog, it's more of therapy because I am moving on now and looking forward with my life and taking my skills, experience and abilities to another level.  Plus I have to thank Florida Bank and Kim Buchanan for letting me go in the first place.  I had been looking for a new job for a few months because i saw the writing on the wall and getting let go was not a shock.  I mean, I've been to Dublin, Ireland for St. Patty's Day(Week), Germany, Dubai, England, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iraq now.  I've also been able to send my son a cruise for his 12th birthday and have seen myself get out of the financial burdens I was in before.  None of this would have been possible if I still worked at the bank.
So as I close this out and move on, I bid adios to that part of my life and look forward to a bright, happy future.

Bill out...