Greetings foolish mortals.  Welcome to another addition of the BBP.  Today, I got a review of what I've seen at Knott's Scary Farm so far and a couple of brief news too.

Went to Knott's last Thursday, their opening night and it was kind of crowded, though a lot of it was for media night.  Speaking of media night, I was able to park for free and save $20 but that's because I'm BFB!!!

The way Knott's starts their Scary Farm event is by sending a bunch of "ghouls" from Ghost town into the crowd of waiting "victims."  Kind of fun and neat but also crams up the walkways as you get the people who are screamers and runners blocking traffic and trust me, it is crowded in this section at rope drop.  That's an annoyance but I guess it's how they've done it and will continue.

Fist house was Paranormal Inc.  It's pretty cool with some neat things going on but once you get inside past the intro, it's basically any other maze and seems to lose any semblance of its own identity.  It's loud and dark and could be better but I'll give it 3/5.

Tooth Fairy was OK.  This one keeps its story line about the tooth fairy though I would like to see maybe a different direction with this haunt.  I was thinking of maybe actually focusing on the tooth fairy and maybe have her chase you through the house.  Kind of like the movie, "Darkness Falls, she can't stand the light so maybe have it start out with you seeing her over a kid and then the lights go out and both her and the kid are gone when they come back on.  Then you hear her screams or moans and see shadows of her or brief interactions with her coming after you.  To me, that would be creepier than what they currently have.  Hmmm...maybe I'll write them and see.  You never know.  3/5

Voodoo was the next maze.  They've swapped this around this year with the ending being the start now and the theme here is great as is the attention to detail.  However, that kind of goes away when you enter the "house" part.  2.5/5

Shadowlands was next and the longest wait for the night.  Why?  I'm not sure.  I was kind of expecting vampires or something by that name but we ended up with a Japanese themed house that really made no sense nor was the design so selling.  It seemed thrown together and had no real substance to it.  2/5

Pumpkin Eater was the last one for the night and the shortest wait.  It had a very cool pumpkin out front that was telling a story.  Once you walked inside the haunt, you knew you were in a barn or cornfield.  Theming was very well done...except for the wet rags and straw that you're forced to walk through.  I don't know about anyone else but I hate that feeling and especially when who knows how many other people have walked through the same thing.  UGH!!!  Overall, decent, not much in scares but then again, I'm not scared by these, I enjoy the atmosphere and attention to detail and to see the sets and props and decorations.  3/5

Scare zones were OK.  Ghost town is very cool as they fill the entire section with fog and you can't see anything past a foot in front of you.  Have to be careful with that.  Ghouls are all over.  4/5

Carnevil is perfect for those who have clown phobias.  I do not but there are a lot of clowns walking around here.  There's really nowhere for them to hide so it's just walk by and they jump at you.  2/5

Fiesta des los muertos is similar to Carnevil.  Most of the scarers are walking around and lunge at you to scare you.  Not really hiding in the plentiful areas to do that.  Thee are a couple who take up residence on the walkway which is pretty neat.  2/5

Sleepy Hollow.  My favorite as the theming is the best and the actors seem the best.  Lots of places to hide and it's covered in fog.  The lighting is creepy, sounds are spooky and you may see the headless horseman. 5/5

The hanging was a little more raunchier than other times I've seen it.  It really wasn't that funny either this year.  1/5

Overall, opening night was pretty good.  It seems they still need to get into the full swing of the season.  I've got a pass and will attend more throughout the time.

Until next time...

BBP out