Greetings foolish mortals!!!  Welcome to the first Fall blog.  I know.  What happened?  Been busy with lots of things going on all over this thing called life.  Fast and Furious as well as insane in the membrane.

Well, I say this as the first Fall blog but these past couple of days have seen the temp rise up into triple digits.  Was actually 106 here today.  WTH???  We do not like that.  No sir indeed.  We like waking up and feeling the crisp air and also the evening cooler temps.  More to do with this time of year.

So good news on the football front.  The aquatic mammals managed to win a game yesterday, even though they tried and wanted to lose but they managed to pull one out.  Also, the New York football Giants managed to lose even though to another hated team, the Redskins, but at least they lost so it's all good.  Yeah, there's a couple of teams I despise and always cheer when they lose. 

Sad day in sports too as Jose Fernandez died early Sunday morning in a boating accident.  He was a tremendous pitcher who was on his way to greatness.  Very sad day as he was also going to be a new father.  Heartfelt condolences go out to his family, friends and team.  Also we lost a true legend and gentleman with the passing of Arnold Palmer.  Sad day for golf.

Now we're focusing on so many things at once it's making our head spin.  Need to breathe and seek the universe to help out. 

So until it hopefully gets cool very quick and the next time...

BBP out