So yesterday, September 20th, I headed out west and visited a couple of places in Eastern France.  I visited Marckolsheim, Colmar and Strausberg for a complete day.

In Marckolsheim, I visited Casemate de Marckolsheim Sud, which is a bunker that was built by the French on the German border.  It still shows the scars from the battles it endured along with bomb craters and there are even some projectiles still embedded in the armor.  Inside this was a museum displaying the heroics of the French army against the heavily armored Germans and despite being out manned 7 to 1, they still put up a hell of a fight before being forced to surrender.  The memorial is touching and has some of the weapons that were present.

In Colmar,I found the model that was used for the Statue of Liberty.  It is only about 75 feet tall and is standing in the middle of a round about.  It's also made of wood but was very cool to see in person. 

And finally, made it back to Strasbourg where I was able to capture a few more interesting sights on camera.  All these pictures will be added under my photos on here.

Was a long but enjoyable weekend.  My next to last.  Next weekend is Oktoberfest in Stuttgart on Friday night and then Horror Nights at Europa Park Saturday.  Sunday may or may not be one final trip. 

But until then...

Bill out