Welcome foolish mortals!!!  Here we are in September.  The greatest birthday month in history is now behind us and we're looking forward.

Been crazy going ons again in this country of ours.  We have never been so divided like this that I can ever recall.  One side blames the other who in turns blame them.  However, the one "leading" the country is the cause of all this and so are his minions.  It's bad enough you have people who feel empowered to treat others a certain way because of their skin color, and you have others hating people for the color of their skin and just being nasty people.  Hell, now people feel it's ok to take things into their own hands and kill people and claim self defense even after they already shot one person.  I swear, on all that's good or that's left to be good, we cannot survive 4 more years of this divisive ass clown.  He spends more time attacking people on twitter than he actually works.  I mean come on, if he took more time to work with all the people of this country and not just the GOP or the ones that give him money and his family, then maybe...Ah who am I kidding?  This jackass doesn't have the ability to care or have empathy for anyone except himself and he's real good at that.

So yeah, this is a political post on here because it's my website.  Check out this site:


Onto more enjoyable things; I've begun the "deterioration" of my office into the disarray of horror.  I will be progressing each day and making it "a mess".  I'll post pics on here.

Make September a great month and always make it the best you can.  I started to put try to but then  remembered Master Yoda.  "Do or do not, there is no try."

Until the next time...

BBP out!!!