Greetings to all and sorry for the delays on writing.  Been a busy few weeks and also big news.  I'm coming home!!!  After over 6 months of being in Stuttgart and away from loved ones and family, I'm coming home.  Maybe for only a little while though as I am preparing for another big life change.  Moving to California for a new job.  Not quite my home in San Diego but not too far away in Anaheim.

So today was the start of Oktoberfest in the original home of it, Munich, Germany.  Started off the day though by going to Olympia Park and going up the Olympiaturm.  It's a massive, concrete based tower that stands over 200 meters tall.  Went up to the top and was able to see all over Munich and also saw all of Olympic Park.  Saw the stadium, all the other venues and the Olympic Village as well as the BMW headquarters and factory.  Overall it was a decent stop.

Next went to Oktoberfest.  I have to say I was disappointed by the event because you have to go into one of these crowded, hot tents just to get a beer.  You can't walk around like you can at Stuttgart's fest and the entire thing was so crowded it was almost impossible just to walk.  I did manage to get another coaster ride credit and from what I've read, the coaster is kind of a holy grail to enthusiasts because it's a traveling coaster and it only stays in Germany.  So I did the sensible thing and rode it.  Amazing 5 loop ride.  Smoother than I expected so I gave it a thumbs up.

Overall though, not really impressed and Munich doesn't seem all too modern in comparison to Frankfurt and Berlin.  Oh well, can't win 'em all.

Until next time...

Bill out