Greetings foolish mortals.  Hope all is well in the world with everyone today.

Had to write about my experience yesterday.  Spent the day at Universal Hollywood and had a great time.  While the park isn't that big and doesn't have a whole lot of attractions, it was still pretty cool and the day was perfect.  Not crowded at all and the weather was just as perfect.  Maybe 70 degrees.

First place hit was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  This one is in 3-D, unlike Orlando, and I while I really like this ride, there was something "off" about it.  For one, the mirrors in the loading area were filthy or run down looking.  It was like they were purposely done like that but I can't be certain.  It kind of took away a little bit about the "size" perception.  The cleanliness thing about it too made it look odd and the projections of the characters looked very fake too.  Not sure if this was the way IOA's version is too as I don't remember cuz it's been a few years but it just seemed fake.

Flight of the Hippogrif was OK.  Nothing spectacular as this is just a basic Vekoma skate coaster. 

Hogsmeade was cool and got a butterbeer, visited Ollivanders which was ok.  Nothing too special.

One of the best parts experiences was The Backlot Tour.  This tour takes you through many of the actual sound stages where shows are in development and past props and other warehouses.  Very cool.  It also went through a Kong attraction, survived a flash flood, went through a lake, "underwater" and also saw JAWS attack.  A favorite part was the Bates Hotel and Bates house from Pyscho.  Saw the destroyed 747 from War of the Worlds and ended with a Fast and Furious attraction.  Very cool and a must do.

Rode the Simpsons, same as in Florida.  Also rode Transformers and again, same in Florida.

Got on The Mummy's Revenge and was pleasantly surprised.  Wasn't sure how similar this would be to Orlando but it was different.  Very cool and nice quick, intense ride.  Launched you right out at first.  Won't ruin it in details for those who haven't ridden it yet.

Was going to do Jurassic Park River ride but didn't feel like getting wet so passed.

They have The Walking Dead year round attraction.  It's pretty cool and a nice addition.  Audio wise, amazing.  Music is the same.  The attraction is a little short though in my thoughts and wants but it's a nice to do attraction.

Overall, great day and with the admission comes full admission until the end of February. 

Until the next time...

BBP out