Greetings foolish mortals.  I know today is September 11th and while the day holds certain meaning to me, it now holds even more...Thankfulness.

Yesterday, I sat by helplessly and watched Hurricane Irma hit my home state of Florida.  I'd seen the devastation that it left behind it in the Caribbean and could only hope for the best as she moved towards my hometown area of Tampa Bay.  Luckily, the Gulf Stream, the effect Cuba had on it or just nature, caused her to veer more eastern and instead of hitting Tampa Bay head on, kind of glanced off and moved up the center of the state.  While the damage and wreckage is tallied, the key things is survival.  Things and possessions can be replaced or repaired, people can't.  So I am thrilled that while there may have been some minor damage, no one was injured.

So until the next time...

BBP out