Greetings foolish mortals.  What can I say?  Been away for a bit.  Part of it was super busy with work and other things and the other part is I've been on vacation and not really dealing with anything computer related, if I can help it.

Lots of things have been going on since my last post.  On October 1st, it was WDW's 47th birthday.  On October 5th, it was my grandmother's 103rd birthday.  Stopped by to pay my respects to both her and my grandfather.  Sure do miss her.

I've also been back in my home state of Florida on vacation.  It's been quite hot and humid and very unpleasant but it's also been nice to see rain clouds in the sky and also get hit by rain.  Also was able to visit my favorite place, WDW, a few times so far and went to Epcot Food & Wine Festival.  Love that place and this time of year.  Got a few more days here on vacation and then back to the west coast of California.  After that, more Knott's Scary Farm trips and other things...not to mention walking back into work where I'm sure it's a mess.  

Anyways, just a quick update to fill in my time and catch up.  Until the next time...

BBP out!!!