Greetings foolish mortals.  Welcome to October.  Before we continue, Happy 46th Birthday to Walt Disney World.  Epcot also turns 35 today. 

We are also in the beginnings of October and cruising during my favorite time.  Gonna give another update on Knott's Scary Farm in this so sit back and enjoy.

I've now been to Knott's Scary Farm 3 times since it's opened and each time has been unique and fun.  My last post had my opinions and brief info on the houses and scare zones and I'll continue with that.

I went back on Saturday, September 23rd and boy was it crowded.  I walked around and went through all the scare zones and they were pretty good.  Maybe there were too many people because it kind of took away the opportunity to see anything up close as they were busy.  But, oh well.  I managed to go into one haunted house and that was Dark Ride.  It's basically an old amusement park ride gone dead.  It had some nice details to it and a couple of "gotcha" scares and seemed a nice size too.  3/5

I returned Thursday, September 28th and was pleasantly surprised to find the park pretty empty.  It was alive with activity but not nearly as crowded as the previous time.I got right into line for a haunt I had missed so far.

Trick or Treat.  You're handed a flashlight to guide you through the haunt and it doesn't work the whole way.  The music, anticipation and theme was excellent for this haunt,  5/5

Red Barn.  They right off the bat tell you to move as fast as you can through this haunt, which I hate because it doesn't allow you the chance to take in the theme, decoration, scenes or the ambiance.  Needless to say, this one falls pretty flat for me.  1/5

Paranormal Inc.  Went back for a second go at this one as the line was really short.  This entry has two sides to choose from before you meet up later in the haunt so I picked the one I didn't go through.  It was pretty decent and I was able to see more and feel a little more.  It's still didn't win me over in a huge way though so it stays.  3/5

Tooth Fairy.  Again no line and glad I did.  This time Tooth Fairy seemed to have more energy and jumps.  It was more interactive than the first time so I appreciated that.  3.5/5

Pumpkin Eater.  Another no line and glad I hit it again.  The energy was popping, the actors were better and the atmosphere was much better overall.  Love the theme and the sounds.  4/5

Dark Ride.  No real wait so I figured why not.  It was later in the night and you could tell by the actors.  They seemed tired and things didn't quite feel as spooky as they had previously.  It was still neat to look at all the themes and decorations.  3/5

Ghost town scare zone was pretty good.  Very foggy.  4/5

Sleepy Hollow.  The best again.  Music and theme awesome.  5/5

Carnevil.  More clowns and some neat things going on.  3/5

I also got a chance to see a boyhood fantasy of mine.  ElVira!!!  Show was nice, dancers were hot and was a bucketlist checkoff.  4.5/5

The entire park seemed darker too.  Not sure if that was by design but it added a nice affect to the whole night.  Great time overall.

Unitl the next time...

BBP out