Greetigns foolish mortals.  Well, as we're down to our last few days of the Halloween haunts, I thought I'd provide my insight and review for Knott's Scary Farm.  It opened Sep 19th and I was there and have been about 10 times so far.  Got 3 more nights to visit so that should be fun.


The Opening

There is normally a recorded soundtrack or some sort of intro to the haunt but this year they also have some of the Ghost Town actors doing a short intro talking about how Sarah Marshall has ruined the town and come back.  Unless you're withing the first few rows at the front waiting to get in, you're not going to see much but you will hear it.  After a few minutes, the lights go green and you hear Sarah Marshall warning all and the fog fills the streets and out rush the Ghost Town actors.  Always been an interesting point that I've noticed, that the actors come rushing through the crowd at the start.  Just seems a little more confined and with the possibilities of tripping or colliding but hey, what do I know?  I avoid them.

The Haunts

So lets start this list by starting with my favorite and working down to least.

1.  Origins - This maze is very well themed and long enough and has the back story to it that makes it entertaining.  While waiting in line, the "mayor" is talking to you and I wonder if it's all ad libbed or if he has a script he goes off of?  Either way, he makes it fun and passes the time with the interaction.
Once you get inside though, it's loud, noisy, congested and tight but it's also very well themed to Calico, the town in Knotts, and some of the scenes are amazing.  There's one where Sarah Marshall shows up and can cause a jump but it's amazing.  You feel like you're outside when you're inside the barn and it keeps you looking.  It does kind of lose itself towards the end but overall this haunt did well.

2.  The Depths - This was my favorite maze from last year but they did something this year that really dropped the throughput down tremendously.  They added an "elevator" that supposedly drops you into a gas leak and they rush you out.  Now this part of the ride backs you up for well over a minute so the lines for this haunt seem to be longer than the others.  I don't like that change.  The rest of the maze is still pretty good though the times I've been, it seemed a little lacking  in actors.  Still worthy of being second.

3.  Dark Ride - This has been a consistent maze now for a few years and while it's starting to show some wear and being old, it still does a good job.  The theme is very cool and there's always something or someone there to jump out at you.  This one typically had the shortest lines during the time.  Overall, a solid effort.  Hoping for something better next year.

4.  Dark Entities - This one is in its second year and got a little better and worse.  They seemed too hard to make it into a space nightmare with a lot more gore and netting all around.  While it was cool, it seemed to be a bit overboard.  So it didn't change much other than that.

5.  Pumpkin Eater - Another return that still seems pretty good.  Themeing on this one is good too and once you're in the corn field, you really feel like you're in one.  The smells and sounds do that.  It's not too long nor too short but after a few times in a night, you might get tired of it.

6. Shadowland - This is the last year for this maze and while I'm glad it's going away, it does have some really good themeing to it and is quite enjoyable.  Not so much in the scares department but it has a few gotcha moments that can make you jump.  I love the forest at the beginning of the maze.  Very cool and sets the tone.  

7.  Paranormal Inc. - This has been here since I've been coming and it's gradually gotten to the point where it needs to be replaced.  Granted, this year, one of the times I went through it, I was alone by a long margin so I got to experience everything first hand.  That was pretty cool and caused me to jump a couple of times.  However, the overall feel of this maze is old and needs some refreshing.

8. Infected - This is also the last year for this shoot the zombie maze.  While it's a cool concept, it too has run the course and time to move on to something newer.  

9. Waxworks - This was my least favorite.  The energy just never seemed to be there and the effects didn't work the way they were planned.  The atmosphere was kind of confusing too.  Maybe another trip through here will change my mind but as of now, this one missed the target.  Supposed to be similar to Vincent Price's House of Wax but it never really had that feel.

Scare Zones

1.  Carnevil - Again this is the best zone in the park.  It's not so much scary as it is fun.  Watching the clowns harass, startle and scare people is worth the admission.  I've sat here for hours just watching the events.  I even met a guy who's son is one of the clowns and he told me so much more about the people playing them then I could ever imagine.  Just a great area.

2.  Ghost Town - While this is what's Knott's Scary Farm is known for, the fog filled streets of Calico and ghosts and creatures roaming that fog, it just doesn't match up with Carnevil.  It's fun and cool but sometimes too much isn't always a good thing.  They have lights that blind you in conjunction with the fog so it's kind of hard to navigate.  While I'm sure it's fun for the actors, it's not always fun when you can't see.  

3.  Forsaken Lake - While this has grown this year, it still seems kind of misused.  The location is in the wrong place.  The first year I went, they had a haunt near the same location and it just doesn't work.  There's too much other noise, lights and distractions.  It's supposed to be a dark and sinister place but it doesn't come off that way.  However, it is much better than what used to be in the Mexican Village.

4.  Sleepy Hollow - While this used to be the best area, it has now turned into a tired area that needs some new life, or death, injected into it.  It has all the fog, music and actors but it's just showing it's age.  Maybe they need to rethink another version of Sleepy Hollow.

I didn't do any shows this year as El Vira retired so I don't really have much thoughts on those.  The Hanging has been turned into a mess of PC effects and watered down comedy.  It's not nearly as good as it used to be.  I do think this is the last year for it as they had a sign up at the end that gives the dates it's played.  We shall see what they have planned.

So there you have it.  A quick review of Knott's Scary Farm 2019.  I purchased the Scare pass and it was well worth it.  I also purchased the parking pass which was even more worth it.  If you get a chance to hit it these next few nights, I suggest you do.

Until then...BBP out!!!