Welcome foolish mortals to October!!!  We are now full swing into the Halloween season and I'm loving it.  Been to Knott's Scary Farms several times now and love it each time I go.  It never gets old as the atmosphere is what makes up the experience.  Was there the other day and ran into a guy who's son is working as one of the "Scare Actors" in Carnevil.  Talked with him for about an hour and he gave me a backstory on a lot of the actors there.  Very fun and interesting.

Today is also the 48th birthday of Walt Disney World.  I've been going there since 1974 and so much has changed since then.  Some good and some not so good.  It's ever evolving and I know there's going to be quite a bit more for their 50th.  I haven't been there like I used to, mainly because I live in SoCal now and Disneyland just isn't the same.  I love Disneyland though for different reasons and enjoy it whenever I can, or should I say, can afford to.  lol

The weather is cooling off very nice here too so I'm hoping that stays.  Overall, it's a pretty good time to be here in SoCal.

Have a great kickoff to October and also Oktoberfest, which officially began September 21st in Munich, Germany.  Been there too.

Until next time...

BBP out!!!