Welcome foolish mortals.  This has been a pretty busy past few weeks so that's why I missed a few updates.  Been moving, storage, working and trying to maintain some sanity during all this time.  However, it's pretty much done and we're back now. 

So my favorite holiday is now past and we've only got 363 days left until next year.  While this year's date didn't mean much for me as I missed everything due to the move, the buildup was pretty nice and enjoyable.  Went to Knott's Scary Farms several more times and got many rides on Ghostrider, one of my favorite wooden coasters.  The haunts were good too and overall, I enjoyed the effort.  Made the time well spent and memories made.

So here we come Christmas!!!  Get ready.

Gonna cut this short but will update again.

Until the next time...

BBP out!!!