Greetings all.  Indeed with the Star Wars kickoff as I've been in a Star Wars mood for the past few weeks.  Watched all 6 movies and have read a couple of books too.  Nice escape.

Onto the exploration.  So this weekend, another venture to the Spring Festival was had on Saturday amid cloudy skies and rain.   On Sunday, discovered a local castle ruin named Burgruine Hofen.  While it wasn't a spectacular castle ruin, it was close by and the weather made it a little difficult to thoroughly enjoy it.  However, I got my money's worth and checked it out.

Afterwards, went to the Mercedes Benz Museum.  A very interesting place to say the least.  The building itself is unique in its design and you start from the beginning when cars were first introduced to the future.  I do have to say that this was a classy place.  Posting pics of all these soon.

Getting ready to get really crazy here but it's all good.  Already looking forward to the weekend as I've found some really good castles to check out.  Might even go back to Europa Park.

Until then...

Bill out