Hello foolish mortals.  Here we are, back on the west coast, the best coast, after an interesting trip back east to Florida.  While I didn't get everything done that I had hoped or planned, I did get a few things accomplished and am happy about that.  I really enjoyed the trip back and seeing all my family and the friends I did manage to see.  However, I have learned I am not a fan of flying.  Such a pain in the ass.  We seriously need a rail system like they have in Europe.  I'd do that all the time, especially a high speed system.  Might take a little longer but I bet it would be fun and scenic.

Back at work and being gone for almost a week piled up.  Busy from the moment I walked in and never stopped until I left.  It's all good though as I'm working on a lot of things.

Looking forward and studying now so it's going to be a bit hectic for the next couple of weeks. 

Until the madness calms down...

Bill out