Greetings foolish mortals and welcome to May!!!  Here we are firmly planted in spring and summer is right around the corner.  It's been some weird weather out here in SoCal and I'm hoping, but doubting, that the summer isn't going to be too bad.

Still working on the site, trying to clean it up, make it more viable to the pages and adding more pics.  It's a work in progress hence the name Bill Bickford Project.  Originally, back in the 90's, I was considering the name Bill Bickford Corporation, however, I kind of like it being more of a Project because that is always in progress, hopefully.

On one bright side to all my themeing on this page, Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris version of The Haunted Mansion has finally reopened after almost 2 years of being under refurbishment.  I was quite fortunate to be able to visit Disneyland Paris and ride Phantom Manor many, many times.  I'm hoping to go back there again one day soon and visit.  Here's a link to the new ride and also one to the old way.

Was hoping they'd open up better but follow the links to check them out for yourself.

Until the next time...

BBP out!!!