On this day, please take a moment to remember why you have a long weekend. Many people look at this as the beginning of summer but to others, this weekend is about the sacrifice over 1 million men and women in our armed forces have made. This will be be a time for remembering those members of our military branches that gave their life to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today. Many of you may have a family member or friend who gave th...eir all and this is for them. Celebrate for them. Live on for them and keep them in your heart.

    This is not a day for the current serving military nor is it for the veterans. They each have their own day. This day is for those who gave everything they had and then some. Please don't wish anyone a "Happy Memorial Day" as this is disrespectful to those who lost someone. You wouldn't want someone to wish you a happy funeral day.

    Remembrance is dealt with differently by everyone. Have cookouts, BBQs, go to the beach, drink and anything else you may want to...BUT...just remember those who paid for your freedoms and celebrations with their life. I've said this before and I'll say it again...Memorial Day isn't about sitting in a dark room, mourning those we've lost but rather live and celebrate for them and with their memories alive and kicking.