It's hard to imagine that you won't see somebody again when you leave.  My first instance was Nera leaving us much too soon and now comes the news of my original little buddy.  Chip came into my life back in July of 1995 and just left it May 23rd 2015.  He was just a week shy of his 20th birthday.  He was an amazing cat unlike any other I've seen or had and I know there will never be another like him.  He was special and unique.  He traveled across the country with me from San Diego to St. Petersburg where he became a fixture in the window.  After I found out I was going to move across the country again, I decided not to have him go through that again and had him stay with my parents.  There, he became spoiled, fat and lazy but when I saw him again, I recognized the "Chipster."  He would always be there, especially with the way he talked.  Luckily, the day I was leaving to head back to Germany, I was able to spend some time with him, petting him and telling him I would see him when I got back.  I guess the old man just couldn't hang on.  He'd been through a lot over the past years and if there was anybody who was ready and deserving to finally rest, it was him.

Goodbye Chip.  I will always love and remember you.  You were the best.

June 1 1995 - May 23 2015  R.I.P.