What an excursion the past couple of days.  Drove south through Switzerland to get to the first stop in Italy, Lake Como.  For all my Star Wars followers on here, that's the lake where those horrible actors got married.  Otherwise, known as Anakin and Padme.  The lake itself is beautiful and surrounded by majestic mountains but there isn't a whole lot to do there. I did manage to eat an authentic Italian pizza while there and was left feeling let down.  The images though are awesome!!!

Next stop was Milan, Italy.  It's a shoppers paradise but overall the city left me feeling dirty because it was very dirty and I was always getting approached by street venders to buy some stupid thing that shoots into the air and then floats back down.  The city center square was pretty cool and enormous with lots of stores and interesting people.  They even had a part on a museum that was kind of like the overlay at The Magic Kingdom on Cinderella's Castle.  It was ok, not Disney quality or even near it but the music was quite good.  The center to the square was a huge church that was undergoing a refurbishment.

The awesome stop the next day was Venice.  It was incredible!!!  It literally is an island with canals.  Got some very cool pics and saw places from movies and ran into a few interesting people.  One person claimed they were trying to make a movie and was looking for people to star in it.  Some weird name like "The Waters of the Canals" or something.  Moved on but it was a very cool place and only accessible by a long bridge and then had to park outside the city and walk in.  I saw things that I had only seen in books or in movies.  The Piazza San Marco is just a bit bigger than the one at Epcot and is very cool looking.  Long line to go into it though so I didn't make it to the top.  Here I tried some spaghetti a lau ragu and it again left me feeling disappointed.  No seasoning and very bland to the taste.  I don't know what I was expecting but I was hoping for flavor.

My overall feeling about Italy is less than impressed.  It felt and looked dirty, the people weren't the most pleasant, unless you count the foreigners.  Overall, I wouldn't mind going back to Venice but the rest can be ignored by me.

So arrivederci...

Bill out!!!