Greetings foolish mortals and welcome to May.  This past month has been crazy and crazy busy and the year is just flying by us so fast.

However, starting to see my favorite time of the year start popping up around the internet.  Obviously, we're talking about Halloween and seeing plans, and ideas all over the place.  In a couple of months we'll start seeing construction on all the haunt events at the theme parks.  Can't wait for that.  Going to be a great year.

On another level, I was able to ride two brand new roller coasters at Walt Disney World.  The first one being Tron and it was amazing.  The launch is incredible and the ride is very good.  However, I do feel the ride slows down and speeds up too much throughout the ride.  While there are some nice turns and drops, it would be better had it maintained speed throughout the ride.  The second one was Guardians of the Galaxy and this is similar that it too, has a launched start.  It has a difference to it that it is also a spinning coaster.  While neither of these are very intense, they're still most excellent and I highly recommend them both. However, in a head to head contest, I will have to give Guardians the edge for enjoyment.  

So we've been buys but had a chance for a little fun but it's a crazy time indeed.

So we are keeping it real and until next time...

BBP out!!!