So posting this late as the other post and weekend was dedicated to my guy.  Went to Rhine Falls or as it's known here, Rheinfell and had a very cool day hiking, exploring, riding boats and taking pictures.  This is the largest waterfall in Europe, by volume, not size, and was very impressive, especially when right next to it as it crashed down.  You could feel the water hitting below, feel the spray as it hit your face and also hear that thunder.  It was incredible.  The castle built onto the mountain next to it was pretty cool too. 

After the falls came the largest castle ruin in Germany.  Hohentweil Fortress Ruins.  This was a massive castle fortress built on top of a mountain and looked down and laughed at any invaders.  It was invincible and that was clearly seen.  It was built in the 10th century and was amazing to stand and touch the same stone that the builders had placed there. 

So after hiking many miles, uphill with steep climbs, the body was tired and a bit sore.  Crashed and slept quite well.

Was literally...

Bill out