Well, here we are again on a Sunday night and the weekend has flown by and it's Monday eve.  I'm ready for Friday to get here so I can be done with this testing I've been studying for and start getting out and doing more again.  My free time has been spent refreshing something I already had but need to update and more importantly, I need for my job.  It's not easy being The Man but someone has to do it and I accept it and strive to be the best.  And yes, if that includes being a little arrogant, then I guess I am.  I'm not really arrogant, I just know my shit and know my abilities and make the most out of everything. 

So, the June gloom will be here in the morning but I'm looking forward to getting going.  Once this test is done and aced, I'll be getting my Europe pictures updated on here as well.

Until our next meeting...

Bill out