Hello there.  What a perfect start to the month.  April was finished up with an awesome trip to San Diego.  Toured the U.S.S. Midway and relived a few memories.  Was actually "stuck" on her for a couple days during the Persian Gulf War in 1991.  Saw quite a bit of stuff, many wonderful aircraft with my favorite jet the F-14 Tomcat and of course my all time favorite, the SH-60 Seahawk.  The Seahawk and I go way back and have a lot of fond memories and still have some nightmares with it but the bird was my favorite and I miss doing that everyday. 

Also went over to Mission Beach and rode The Giant Dipper.  It's an old, wooden roller coaster that is a historical landmark as well as being a decent ride.  Walked a bit around the boardwalk and relived some more memories.  Some of the places I use to go are no longer there but I guess that what happens after 20 years.

So the final countdown is on and the grand arrival is in a few days.  Can't wait.  Very excited.

So until that day...

Bill out