So here we are, 4 days and counting until Dublin bound.  Can't wait.  Been a rather pretty nice few days for me.  Not so much as to where I am but mostly because of events that have happened.  I got my new, replacemtn laptop for the one that was sent to me with a gouge in the screen.  Spent a few hours playing around with it last night.  It is a sweet thing.  Gonna have to check to see how much of my current stuff works on Windows 7.  Also played in a voleeyball tournament last night and won.  We had played in one a few weeks ago and just needed to win 1 game and couldn't do it so we took 2nd.  However, this one had a lot more teams and we only played with 5 players but we took it all. 
I was also notified by my big boss that he had submitted my name to be his replacement.  I feel pretty damn good about the potential of what I can do here.  Maybe starting to live up to my expectations.