I really do love the castle exploring out here.  I see them on the side of the Autobahn when I'm driving and decide to pull off and go check them out.  To me, that's fun and exciting, especially when I read up on the history of these places.

The first one was actually planned.  I drove to Heidelberg and visited the famous Heidelberg Castle.  It sits about halfway up a mountain and the walk to get there is intense.  You walk up an incline of about 35 degrees for almost a mile.  By the time you get there, you can see the river down below and the town of Heidelberg.  It really is an amazing sight.  I got the English audio tour and found out quite a bit about the castle.  It certainly does have an interesting history.  I've got a lot of pictures to go through so I can put them up here.

Went back to Frankenstein Castle as well since it was very close by and got a chance to look through it some more.  Want to go up on the summer solstice to see some ceremonies as it's rumored to be very naturally powerful in the woods.

The third and final castle was Auerbach Castle ruins.  This was on the side of the Autobahn, sitting on top of a mountain.  Saw it from the road and decided to go there. What's really interesting is the amount of people at these places that seem to be very far from the normal traffic path.  People were all over the place.  This castle wasn't very big but it did have some neat views and towers.  A lot of pics from here too so I have work to do.

It was also extremely hot and summer is here.  I had gotten here last year right around this time and had to deal with the same thing.  UGH!!!  I hate no A/C.  I know, spoiled American but it is something you miss when you don't have it.  This has been a very hot weekend.  It looks like it's cooling down though so that is nice.

But until it does...

Bill out!!!