Greetings foolish mortals.  I can't believe believe I haven't added anything to hear in almost 4 weeks.  This has been a crazy month.  

A big thing that did happen was we went to meet William Shatner Sunday evening.  We first watched Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan.  Was very cool to see it in the big screen as I never had.  Then after the movie, William came out to a huge ovation and it was very cool to hear him talk about the movie, life, interactions with other members of the cast and so on.  We even had both of our questions asked by the moderator and he answered them.  Was very cool over all.  Only bummer was when we met him, he wasn't signing autographs and we had an awesome Star Trek book for him to sign.  

Getting hotter here and the AC will be kicking in quite a bit.

However, until the next time...

BBP out!!!