Greetings all!!!  Been a few weeks since I've posted something on here.  Not sure how that's happened.  First off, want to wish my mom a Happy Birthday! 

So a few weeks ago, went exploring up to Heidelburg.  Very interesting town on the Rhine river.  Also had a majestic castle ruin there.  Can you guess the name?  OK, this is going to sound incredible but the name is Heidlburg Castle.  Got some very cool pictures of it along with many of the bridge, the town and surrounding areas.  Also went to Auerbach Castle ruin and explored it.  While not nearly as impressive as Heidelburg, it was pretty neat to see. Especially driving up the mountain to get to it.  Saw it from the side of the road and off I went.  Very cool.  Some more neat pics too.

A couple of weeks ago, made a return trip to Europa Park.  It was pretty crowded but still managed to get on some of the good rides.  I really do like that place because I see a lot of effort put into most of the themeing.  While not nearly as good as Disney, it certainly has some very nice traits of its own.

That same weekend, also made my way to Strausburg, France.  It's a town right on the German - France border. Not the smallest town or the biggest but it had some neat places to it.  Walked, or rather hiked up about 100 meters to the top of a famous church.  You can tell the city has been under different country control due to some of the architecture.  Some some German persuasion and also French. 

This past weekend I made it to Nuremburg.  This city is known for being the Nazi party rallying point.  It was also where the Nazi's declared the Jews as being inferior to them and then after the war, had the war crime trials held here.  I went to the Zeppelin field where Hitler spoke to his troops and reviewed them as they paraded by.  I stood on the platform where he did and looked out over the parade grounds.  It is massive.  So much that each year they close it down and have a massive grand prix race with motorcycles.  I was able to walk the grounds and get some interesting pictures.  Afterwards, went to the information and museum.  Took a tour and discovered the atrocities that were committed during the Nazi party rule.  It was very somber and depressing. 

So it has been a busy time and work is kicking it up too but more places to be explored.  I'm out and about all the time and all over the place.  Got some fun plans coming up but I'll wait to reveal that later.

But, until then...

Bill out