Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there, especially my father.  BB senior. 

So in brief news today, It hit 104 degrees.  I'm sorry but that is just too damn hot.  For those of you who like the heat, you can have it.  My belief is you can always get warm if it's cold but you can't get cool when it's hot.  Not talking about a pool either.  I'm talking about walking around everyday type heat and you can't just start shedding clothes to cool down.  You can try those misters or maybe those towels that are supposed to keep you cool but not everyone has those so in general, keep the heat away!!!  However, tomorrow is going to be worse.  UGH!!!

Also in the news with the heat, had to go into work because our A/C unit froze and got a high temp alert in our server room.  That was a lot of fun to try to fix.  Ended up using 5 fans to get the place to cool down.

So other than all that, not a whole lot more to report on or vent so until the next time and hopefully the mercury will be down about 25 degrees...

BBP out