Greetings foolish mortals and those not so foolish.  Welcome to Monday morning where the sky is overcast, though no hopes of rain, and we're pretty tired this morning due to something waking us up at 1:30 am and then unable to sleep until many hours later where the alarm then went off in the midst of beautiful sleep.  Wow, that was a long sentence though with proper punctuation made it appropriate.

Keep telling myself each weekend that I'm going to head out to the theme parks but then I get distracted by something else and tend to do that.  Doesn't hurt that some of them would require me getting on the highways and that, is no bueno, on many levels.  However, soon enough so I can get back to some really cool and fun things.

I've also added some more pictures on the site.  You can easily distinguish those because they say ***NEW.  Still have lots more to go through.  I have probably close to 10,000 pictures from my trips over the past couple of years.  Also need to start posting some local pics from around here as well.

Have a great kick off to the week and keep the mindset positive.  Remember the mantra:

Act as if...

Until then...

BBP out