OK, so while I was able to make a quick post in Brussels, I haven't had the chance to make one since I got back so here it is.

Just a quick rehash, it was hot, warm and extremely hot but luckily my hotel had great A/C.  While dealing with the heat, I did get my chances at going around the town and exploring places such as the Atomium, the symbol for the 1958 World's Fair, the Peeing Boy statue, the Grand Place and so many more.  The food was incredible and the beer amazing.  It's true, the "best beer in the world" is at Belgium.  The people were great too and very friendly. 

On my travels back I stopped at The European Space Center.  I was excited and looking forward to going in and checking it out but it turned out to be closed and wasn't that impressive looking in real life as it was in the brochure.

I also stopped in Luxembourg to check out Luxembourg and it was cool.  Town sitting in between two mountains, part on each side but overall, nothing too spectacular.  Got another country checked off though.

When I was almost home, I saw some huge castles on top of mountains and actually was driving up one tree covered trail I thought was a road but it was a bike trail as a couple of bikers coming down let me know.  I turned around and headed out after getting a few pictures.  I also saw some mountains that were eroded into strange shapes with trees on top so I stopped and hiked up to one and got some very cool pics.  Saw a few more but then I was tired and ready to get home.

So this adventure was most excellent.  Looking forward to my next one but until then...

Bill out