Greetings as we're coming with a "live" update from Bressels, Belgium.  Got here yesterday and have been busy sightseeing this amazing city.  Very lively and upbeat.  Much like Berlin and Frankfurt for comparison to Germany.  Not so much like Stuttgart. 
I also stopped and had dinner at an outdoor cafe where I tried the Belgium tradition of Stoamp.  It's sausage, ham over mashed potatoes filled with carrots and cabbage.  Very good.  Also had some samples of Belgium beer and once again, they were very good too.  Had some Belgium waffles and finished it off with a "key" of chocolate.  It was actually shaped like a key.
Getting ready to head out again now and do some more exploring.  This town has a lot to see and do.  Watching a tv station that shows all to see and do here.  Kind of like the channels in Orlando talking about Disney.  Anyways, off we go.

Until we get back...

Bill out