It has been one year since Mildred E. Bickford left us.  There have been days where I've thought of her and cried, missing her and wishing I could have visited with her one more time.  I've watched her video tribute numerous times and have never been dry eyed through it.  However, she loved us all and was such a caring woman who had the patience for anyone any anytime.  She was gentle and caring and reminded us all to be better to each other.  A story that still lives very vividly in my memory of her is one she told me while my brother and I were swimming.  She said a bee had landed down at the waters edge so she scooped out some water and put it next to be so "he could have a drink."  It may not be much but it has definitley stayed with me because of the care she gave to others.
I love you Grandma, very much and I miss you very much.

To Grandma