Good morning foolish mortals.  Here we are in July and in a new state since my last update.  It's been a couple of weeks as I've been busy transitioning to my new job and new life.  On June 17th, 2021, after having my house packed up and shipped, I loaded up my truck, The Desert Runner, and headed east to Florida.  Took 3 days to drive the 2600 plus miles.  Was going to stop and hit Six Flags in San Antonio but opted not to as I got there and saw the crowds were massive.

So, arrived in Florida June 20th, 2021 and have been living in a hotel since, provided by corporate.  Can't wait to get into something permanent as I've lived in hotels before and it gets tiring.  

I love being in Orlando so I can enjoy all the amenities it has to offer such as theme parks, great golf and more.  I'm closer to family too, which is needed in this time, so that's a plus.

So, first week of work is coming to a close and a 4 day weekend.  Need the time as it's been tiring this week.

Until next time...

BBP out!!!