Welcome foolish mortals...to July.  Another month upon us and another month of craziness continues.  Out here on the best coast, we have more cases climbing and shutting us down.  Due to a scare last week, the BBP had to get tested and luckily everything came back negative.  Still kicking ass on the wild side.

Not really a whole lot to report on.  I heard some good news that Spirit Halloween store will be open this year and also heard Halloween Horror Nights has plans t continue.  Hoping to hear that about Knott's Scary Farm and other local attractions.

The gym has also opened but I haven't made use of it yet. Still waiting and now with Orange County closing down again, may be closing.

So hoping to hear some positive things soon about all this but who knows.  All I know is, make sure you vote this November and get the CiC out of our white house!!!

Until next time...

BBP out!!!