Welcome foolish mortals.  I can't believe I missed the date but 10 days ago, the BBP turned 9 years old!!!  It was on Jan 6th while I was in "lovely" Kubal, Afghanistan, that I decided to take my ideas and visions public.  It's been a helluva journey for me.  Starting in Afghanistan, moving to Iraq and then back to the states and dealing with a lot of issues.  The we headed to Europe for a dream that came true, came back to the states and then went back to Europe, Germany to be specific to again, live a dream.  We then came back to the states and traveled across the country to our new home in California.  There have been many good times and some bad times along the way but we're still here, kicking ass and taking names.  

For all who come to this site, thank you for visiting and please share the site with friends, family and others.  I don't mind.  I am going to try and change the site up some this year plus, as I always say, post more to it.

So here we are flying on by so until the next time...

BBP out!!!