Wow!!!  Been a little while since my last post and I apologize to myself for not keeping this up more.  Have just had a lot of stuff going on and there never seems to be enough time in the day or night but I will work on posting at least every other week.
First order of business is today is the one year mark since I first put my feet on Afghanistan soil.  Landed at Bagram Air Base, had Thanksgiving lunch there and met my best friend Mark Latimer.  Funny how him and I have traveled across the U.S. after we graduated high school and then met up when I lived in San Diego.  We've had some fun times together and then we meet in Afghanistan.  Amazing!!!
I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and even though it's more a day to overeat and watch football and prepare to battle the crowds at the stores and malls early in the morning, take a moment to reflect on what you're truly thankful and never take the times you spend with loved ones, friends and family for granted.  This is the first Thanksgiving since my Grandmother passed away and I'm sure it's going to be a little emotional for my family as it is for I.  I also miss my son very much and hopes he knows I love him, miss him and think of him often.
I am now living and working in downtown Baghdad at FOB Union which will hopefully, be my last move until my time is up and I come home. 
So everyone have a happy turkey day and the beginning to the holiday season.  Wish I was there to have some fun too.

Bill out...