Welcome foolish mortals to July and happy 4th of July.  Make sure you do your American patriotic duty and blow shit up.

Been exactly a month since I updated this but I knew that was going to happen as I've been super busy with moving and getting settled.  After much searching and scouring, I was able to also acquire a couch and a dresser.  I'm picky and won't buy something just for the sake of buying it and filling an empty spot.  I took my time and found what I wanted.  Now it's time to get down and decorating the place in my taste.

So we're also in the midst of hell here with temperatures constantly nearing 100 degrees.  What was I thinking when I left beautiful California for this?  I know, there were other factors involved so I'm happy to be here.

Managed to get a quick day trip up to St. Augustine Sunday as well.  That was very cool and very nostalgic.  Took quite a few pics and will post them up here soon.  It was hot there too and crowded but overall a good time.

So not much more going on right now and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with this more often.  I know I'm always saying that but I mean it.