Well normally I like this day and feel 13 is a lucky number.  However, today feels like a giant kick in the balls.  I am so pissed right now that I can barely see straight.  So please bear with me as I go on my rampage and vent.
So here I am, living in Iraq.  A place that is already hostile, isolated, desolate and generally a miserable place to be.  However, there was one thing I had that was able to kind of keep my sanity while being here and that was my own room.  Hell, it wasn't even much but it was better than a lot of the places I've been dealing with for the past 5 months.  I had even allowed myself to unpack some of my things and settle in because we were told that these were our permanent rooms.  Well stupid me for thinking that it would last.  I've been there for maybe a month and am now being moved to a shithole room that is made for 4 people.  Sorry, made for 4 people isn't accurate.  It's maybe 15 x 10 and they have got 4 beds crammed in there.  Although I was told they're only putting 2 people in a room, I know that they'll come back around and say they need more room so it's going to be 4 to a room.  To put it midly, THIS FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!  I've had to deal with a lot since I came over here to this new company and I can't blame them for it entirely but it sure makes a huge attitude adjustment when the shit keeps coming at you.  We've had to deal with shitty food, can't mail anything out larger than 2 pounds, can't receive anything larger than 2 pounds, gonna close the shops, reduce the hours the main store is open and also close it on Friday and oh yeah, we're gonna make you move around and never let you settle in and have some kind of routine or life while you're over here.  Now some people will say to shut up and quit complaining because I'm making good money.  Well to those of you who might say that I say you come out here and try to deal with it.  The money isn't that good and while it's better than what I would make stateside, at least in the states I have a life.  Money is not the cure to all ends and while it's nice, how much are you willing to sell yourself for?  Here, I have nothing now.  Hell, there's not even a bathroom on my floor.  I have to go downstairs and outside to find the nearest one.  What the hell is up with that?  Needless to say I am not happy and not in a good mood today.  I can feel everyone I work with affected too.  The mood in the office sucks.  Everyone's attitude has taken a serious nose dive.  I've spent the past few days going through what little I have, getting rid of things I don't need or use or clothes that have fallen apart and I'm glad I did because I have less to move, if I choose to move.  I'm going to take as long as possible to do this and hope something else comes up in the meantime beforehand. 
So, that's my rampage and while I'm sure I could have made it a lot longer, I'm choosing to end it here.  Won't help anyways but later, when I'm back home, I can look at this and remember why I am never doing this shit again.