Greetings foolish mortals!!!  Been a crazy couple of weeks since my last post.  Can't believe how fast the time is flying by.  Seems like a couple of days at most but it's been a couple of weeks. 

Been busy with a lot of things going on in work and laying the groundwork for our new "stuff."  Got me juggling 9 balls, 3 chainsaws and a couple of knives to boot.  I'm handling it all though because as we all know...I am THE MAN!!!

Onto some more fun stuff.  Went to Universal Hollywood last week and had a great time.  All the rides were walk on and there wasn't really much of a crowd.  Rode Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey 7 times and saw more into the ride after about the 4th time.  It's so cool to see things you normally don't and have to stretch out for but their there.  The weather was perfect too.  The only thing that wasn't was the traffic driving home.  Even though it's about 25 mils away at most, it took a couple of hours.  Ugh!!!  Where's the German train system when you need it???  Other than the traffic, was an awesome day.

Can't believe February is almost over and March will be here next week.  Spring Training is in full swing and soon MLB live.  Gonna try and hit a couple of games.  Gotta visit Dodger Stadium as it's one I've been to so have to catch my team when they come into town.  Got Anaheim Stadium just down the road from me too so will probably visit them as well.

Until the next post...

BBP out!!!