I am so damn tired of this shit!  OK. It's 10:30 in the morning here and I just went down to take a shower.  You know, thinking that since it's much later after most people have taken one and given the water time to heat back up, I would be able to finally enjoy a full hot shower.  But of course, I get tooled again and there isn't any hot water.  Only liquid ice coming from the showerhead.  I mean come on!!!  How much more of this shit can I take?  I do not know.  It seems everyday something else happens or we're told that totally makes this place even more unbearable.  Some people will say to quit my bitching cuz I'm making decent money.  It is decent money but the quality of living isn't decent.  And besides, money isn't the end all.  While it's needed to survive, I also want to be comfortable and happy and where I want to be.  Enjoying life and living and just having normalcy.  That will happen soon so I just have to tough it out for a bit longer.  But until then, I still say...I HATE THIS PLACE!!!

Bill out now and no more bitching...hopefully.