Greetings foolish mortals.  Just want to start out by saying Happy Birthday to the Lizard King, Jim Morrison.  A mesmerizing person who left us way too soon.

Been a busy week so far...what's new there?  But at least tomorrow is Friday, so we got that going for us...which is nice.  Also moving towards the end of another year.  Can't believe this year is almost over.  Flew by.  Lots of changes and events happened this year and I'm hopefully better for experiencing them and going through what I have. 

Hitting Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow to further use my veteran status as they have been giving free admission to vets since the beginning of November, though with a few week time where it wasn't active.  Love going there for a few hours and getting my adrenaline rush on the numerous coasters.  My favorite there is Ghostrider, which I have a video up in my roller coaster page.  Check out all the the roller coasters there.  They are pretty good.  A really fun one is Sierra Sidewinder made by Mack Rides. 

So until our next time...

BBP out