Greetings foolish mortals and welcome to December.  I know we're a little late this month but it's been a busy time and just running out of time to do things but here we are. Hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving and are now elbow deep into the Holiday season.

The BBP has been recovering from some off season surgery and is now nearly 100% back.  I know it's been over a month since I added anything and it's just been that kind of year.  We are going to make it more of a point to do more.  I know I keep saying that but this time I will be doing it.

Played some golf this past weekend with my nephews and while the course wasn't in great, it was mostly fun, minus a few holes that kicked my ass.

Hope you all have the best holiday season ever and make sure to keep on keepin on.

Until next time...

BBP out!!!