Greetings foolish mortals and join me in saying farewell to 2023.  It's been a tough year and ready to move on to 2024.

The main part of 2023 was the passing of my mother on February 2nd. I have had my moments where I've broken down several times. She's never really gone as long as I keep her in my heart and memories.

Also lost a very close friend from my old neighborhood and high school as well as a very close friend and shipmate from the Navy.  Was a tough year.

On a bit lighter note and not nearly the affect as others, saw my Braves finish the regular season as the best team in baseball and then couldn't get out of the NLDS.

I also had another cancer surgery that was successfully removed from my cheek.  Glad that is behind me now.

Finished up another stellar year at work and am looking at moving forward in my career.  

So as we finish up this year, let's pause and remember those we've lost this year and remember them.

So until next year and I will see you then...

BBP out!!!