Welcome foolish mortals...to December and the holiday season high drive.  It's the time to spend too much money and also try to be a little better than before.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Can't say I did.  I had a literal shitty day from a sewer backup that flooded the house, tubs and toilets.  Took all night to get the leaking to stop and clean up as much as possible but it leaked into the walls and carpet. Took the plumber 2 days to get there and by this time, had gotten the issue taken care of for the most part.  Plumber just confirmed and tried a couple things too. Then found out the folks are sick, especially dad.  

The BBP went to The Magic Kingdom today and had a great time. Been over 7 years since he had been here as after getting back from Germany in Oct 2015, he moved to Anaheim for 6 years. First ride was Space Mountain followed by the best ride ever created,,,The Haunted Mansion.  After that it was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and lastly Pirates of the Carribean. Overall, a great day and much needed fun day.

Next week will see the BBP getting some minor surgery, but it will all be ok.

Until next time...

BBP out!!!