Welcome foolish mortals tot he last Friday of 2019.  Before we go any further, want to wish a Happy Birthday to the father of BBP.  It's been a rough year for him and I only hope it gets better.  I was able to visit last week to see him and the family so it was nice in that aspect.  What wasn't nice is that I got sick and am still feeling it.  UGH!!!

So it's the last Friday of the year and what a year it's been.  Lots of ups and downs throughout.

Some highlights:

Spent nearly a month in Florida helping out the parents while maintaining work back in California.
Endured some low personal times as well where I felt depressed.
Endured some high times as well that lifted me out of my doldrums.
Officially hit past mid life.
Got to work with my son, the Z.
Halloween came and had a great time.
Thanksgiving came and it snowed in our mountains and rained down on us.
Spent a week in Florida before Xmas.
Xmas came and went.
Last Friday.

So it's now time to look forward and get ready for 2020, which will hopefully correct some issues too.

So there you go.  I know I haven't updated much lately but just haven't been feeling so hot.  Hoping 2020 brings more to us all!!!

Until the next time...

BBP out!!!