Greetings foolish mortals.  Been a busy couple of weeks since my last entry.  However, let us take a moment and recognize the reason for the season.  The Winter Solstice is here.  Thank you to the Pagans for making this time of year what we see now.  

Went to Knott's a few more times with my free Veteran admission and had a great time.  Seriously, where is Disney with this kind or promotion?  I love that Knott's Berry Farm does this and it means a lot to me but I'd love to Disney get onboard and do the same thing.

A few more days til Xmas and frankly, I'm kind of glad it's almost over.  Not really in the spirit this year.  Not really sure why either.  My cat tore up my tree so maybe that's part of it.  Who knows?

Anyway, gonna try and get out and about next week and see a few things I haven't seen yet.

Until the next time...

BBP out!!!