Greetings all.  Welcome to December where the countdown is on until Xmas.  Hope everybody had a pleasant Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday and all the chaos involved there.  

We,, yesterday, I took my guy out mountain biking for the first time.  He has a brand new mountain bike that has seen very limited riding since he got it and I haven't been out much either on mine so the weather has been perfect so off we went.  He had a great time, no crashes and seemed to enjoy himself.  He needs to work on his cardiovascular some but overall I think he enjoyed it and will ride with me more.  We're gonna take it slow and ease him into the whole ordeal because it's definitely not something that you can do at the drop of a hat.  You need to have some idea for what you're doing and able to handle a bike.  It's nothing like riding on the street and I was very impressed by his ability to keep going.  I'm very proud of him.

Had a few defining moments this weekend too that instilled in me to keep on moving.  Nothing like getting that much needed kick in the ass to get it moving.  Looking ahead now and keepin on keepin on.  lol

Have a great start to the month and we'll be off to Disney soon to view the lights and decorations.  NPH is as Epcot.

Bill out...